Belgian weddings: engaged and getting married in Belgium

Belgian weddings: engaged and getting married in Belgium

If you’re about to get married in Belgium, this guide explains the documents and papers you ought to prepare a marriage in Belgium.

Even though national nation is well-known for its bureaucracy, engaged and getting married in Belgium is relatively simple. Both heterosexual and same-sex partners in Belgium could possibly get hitched, maintain a authorized cohabitation or live together without the appropriate status.

Just marriage that is civil are legitimately recognised in Belgium. Following the ceremony that is civil which has to take spot at a registry workplace, partners usually have a spiritual or secular ceremony included in their party but this isn't needed.

Belgium ended up being the country that is second legalise same-sex wedding, in 2003. The procedures, ceremonies and liberties for same-sex couples are almost exactly the same as those for heterosexual partners, so unless otherwise stated the given information below pertains to both. The only critical exclusion is parental liberties, which apply immediately to a birth-mother’s partner if he could be male yet not if she's feminine.

Throughout this document, translations are placed in the after format: English (Dutch/French).

Am I able to get married in Belgium?

To obtain hitched in Belgium, either you or your own future partner needs to be a citizen that is belgian were resident in Belgium for at the very least 90 days. In accordance with the government that is belgian air seats and leasing agreements may be used as proof residence.

A casual reading of the English webpage for the Belgian department of immigration suggests that foreigners can get married in Belgium with a ‘class C’ Schengen visa at the time of writing. Nevertheless, this really is a misunderstanding due to the site being under construction, and it is perhaps perhaps not sustained by the texts that are french.

The two of you must certanly be over 18 rather than currently hitched. Those over 16 could get hitched using the authorization of the moms and dads while the courts. Foreigners must meet the requirements for wedding within their house nation, including age limits. Nonetheless, most commonly it is, although not constantly feasible for same-sex partners to obtain hitched in Belgium, no matter if their brand new status will likely not be recognised inside their house nation.

Would a registered cohabitation be better for me personally?

Authorized cohabitation (wettelijk samenwonen / cohabitation legale) in Belgium is notably uncommon. Whilst in other nations comparable terms can be used to explain partners residing together or same-sex wedding (as an example, ‘registered partnership’), in Belgium what this means is a provided residence and obligations, definitely not a intimate relationship. Consequently, along with partners, additionally, it is feasible to own an appropriate cohabitation with a part of the family members that you could perhaps perhaps maybe not marry (a moms and dad or adult sibling, for instance). But, you can't come right into a subscribed cohabitation if you're hitched or currently in a cohabitation that is registered.

In a authorized cohabitation, both events have actually the proper to live in your family house, in addition to responsibility to steadfastly keep up it, including paying costs. Also they are jointly responsible for debts associated with family help therefore the grouped house, such as for instance home financing or car repayment, even in the rubrides club event these are generally just held in one single title.

Pre-wedding preparations

You need to inform the registrar of one's intention to marry at the very least fourteen days in before your wedding. Be prepared to offer detailed information regarding your self along with your future partner. A listing of documents you'll likely need is below.

The registrar will likely then issue an ‘act of intent to marry’ (akte van aangifte van het huwelijk / acte de declaration de mariage) which will be presented publicly. So long as there are not any objections, your wedding are able to proceed between fourteen days and half a year later.

Documentation for the Belgian wedding

Have a much to give you:

  • ID (eg passport);
  • Birth certification;
  • Prenuptial contract (if needed);
  • Evidence of address (eg. leasing contract, present bills);
  • Proof nationality;
  • Proofs of civil status (eg. a death or divorce certification, when you have been married previously);
  • Evidence of residence – Belgian authorities will expect this to be always a certification, as described below, nevertheless, in case your host to residence just isn't Belgium, and will not issue these certificates, other evidence will soon be needed.

One or more partner must create evidence of residence in Belgium. The authority that is local have the ability to issue a (bewijs van woonst voor huwelijksdoeleinden / certificat de domicile pour mariage) literally a ‘certificate of residence for marriage’. It is important to show your domestic status to the authority, eg. by bringing your rental contract.

International papers may need to be authorised having an Apostille stamp, also called ‘Apostillisation’ or ‘legalisation’, or an equivalent. The issuing federal government stamps a document with a distinctive ID, showing that it's a true and accurate content for recognition abroad. Any papers maybe maybe not granted in Dutch or French needs to be translated by a translator’ that is‘sworn. In the event that interpretation just isn't done in Belgium, it too must certanly be authenticated by an Apostille stamp, or comparable.

Belgian marriage ceremonies

The lawfully binding ceremony has to take spot at a registry workplace, which will be typically when you look at the neighborhood city hallway (stadhuis / mairie). Several of city halls are gorgeous structures, frequently 200–600 yrs old. Area might be restricted, but it is typically feasible to create 20 or more visitors.

The civil registrar / council officer (ambtenaar van de burgerlijke / l’officier de l’etat civil) will conduct the ceremony, including reading out specific sections for the Belgian appropriate code within the liberties and duties of the couple that is married. By the end of the ceremony, the couple is likely to be granted with a family group record guide (trouwboekje / livret de mariage), which will act as your content of one's wedding enrollment.

The few might provide as much as four witnesses, who should all be over 18 and bring ID. in the event that you, your lover or your witnesses aren't proficient within the regional language, you need to provide a translator. The translator doesn't need become a professional professional but ought to be competent.

The civil ceremony typically costs EUR 250–300, though the cost for a Saturday afternoon in a favorite area might be twice this.

Prenuptial agreements

To be binding in Belgium, a prenuptial contract should be drafted by a notary and registered at the time of the wedding. Partners may select certainly one of three home ownership policies, or produce their arrangement that is unique a prenuptial contract (huwelijkscontract / contrat de mariage).

The standard choice is wettelijk that is het / le regime legal, by which each spouse retains their very own property, and it has joint liability/ownership just for joint debts/assets obtained throughout the wedding or particularly designated as a result.

Getting Belgian citizenship

Marrying a Belgian resident does not automatically give you citizenship that is belgian. The application that is standard use. Typically, you really must have been resident in Belgium for 36 months before using. Nonetheless, in the event that you have the right to remain in the country for more than three months) or three years (if you don’t) if you are applying for citizenship on the basis of your relationship, you must have cohabited with your partner, in Belgium, for at least six months (. Learn about obtaining Belgian citizenship.

Which title?

Under Belgian legislation, both partners retain their initial name. Options could be permitted for members of EU states along with other criteria.

In cases where a married girl in a heterosexual relationship has a kid, her partner is immediately regarded as a moms and dad, and offered parental rights. If she actually is in a relationship that is same-sex her partner must follow the kid to possess parental liberties.

Kids just simply take their mother’s surname unless the dad is registered as his or her moms and dad during the time of their delivery. This does occur automatically in the event that mom and dad are hitched. More info can be obtained regarding more uncommon circumstances, such as for example in the event that dad is hitched to a lady that is maybe not mom.

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