payforaresearchpaper com – From this will depend on the final shape of the project of the National Court, and perhaps also in part of the law courts,” – he added.

Quarrels in the family tend to be the most vicious, but remains aware ties, which in no way can not be void. This should be accompanied by awareness and ours, and EU politicians. The EU should freeze the dispute at the next level - the Council of the EU, limiting political losses, which inevitably leads quarrel. It does not have to close the debate on the controversial changes in Poland, where the practical results will largely only to observe and that can both strengthen and weaken concerns Brussels. The Polish government could make a few gestures toward her. After the president's decision about signing laws on the Supreme Court and the National Court any substantial modification of judicial reform seems unrealistic.

However, there is a real meaningful dialogue even in the most difficult issues. This does not preclude other pro-European and pro-European activities which akcentowalyby our commitment to the European community. The majority of Poles have accepted it with relief. He protected the marchers, among others, mounted police and officers of the National Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to a police authorities, but scuffles with opponents march there were no major incidents.

Only after its completion in the center of Kiev detained six people who tried to break the police cordon to reach the diverging Kyiv Pride participants. Before the march, the police, who on duty at the gates of safety in a place where the march began, requisitioned balaclavas, some firecrackers and tear gas canisters and paint. The parade was attended by the ambassadors of Britain and Canada Judith Gough Roman Waschuk. "Sunny and well-organized KyivPride2017 #. The next step towards equal rights in Ukraine" - Gough wrote on Twitter. During last year's march of equality in Kiev police detained 57 people. A year earlier, for safety reasons in the parade was carried out in secrecy away from the city center district Obolon. Still, there was time to clashes in which five officers were injured the then police. From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) On Tuesday, President Andrzej Duda at the request of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appointed new members of the Council of Ministers, inter alia, new heads: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, the environment and health. "He is a solid finale of a series that we have seen basically since last July, when the Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced reconstruction of the government.

You can tell that a lot of surprises related to changes in the cabinet of ministers, probably because few people believed, for example, the resignation of Antoni Macierewicz. And it is in some sense a political earthquake in the United camp Right "- PAP said Dr. Rydlinski. According to him, the establishment of the new Ministry of Business and Technology, or a combination of some functions, as in the case of a new minister of investment and development, "an expression of development by the governing political center and the desire to reach for the electorate fluctuating, who do not necessarily for ideological reasons, but more pragmatic, economic , would like to vote for right-wing Law and Justice. " "This march has just begun. And so far the PiS does not try to show as the party of business, economics, investment.

While the earlier change of prime minister, taking the post by Mateusz Morawiecki, and the creation of new ministries clearly show that this is the direction for two years. You can also say that this is the attempt to catch some liberal voters, who even in the context of the weakness of the opposition Law and Justice can peek at more favorably, especially now, just after the reconstruction of the government "- Dr. Rydlinski rating. Referring to personnel changes in the positions of heads of the ministries, the political scientist noted that one of the new people in the government Joachim Brudzinski, who as the new interior minister was replaced by Mariusz Blaszczak, and this, in turn, took the Ministry of Defense. "I suppose that the transition Mariusz Blaszczak to head the Defense Ministry is also in some sense a political signal that the PiS wants to have a new person in this position, and this for the simple reason that the geopolitical position of Polish is such and not others, and even smoldering in our borders the Russian-Ukrainian conflict may affect our security. A Law and Justice deputy as a close associate of Jaroslaw Kaczynski has the full confidence of the President of the Law and Justice "- said Dr. Rydlinski.

He added: "The question is, what next with Antoni Macierewicz, because apart from the fact that he was minister of national defense, it is after all part of the electorate PiS face. Let us now see how the party of the homestead policy. If he would have become a serial deputy, sooner or later it may be associated with certain centrifugal tendencies in the Law and Justice. " During Tuesday's ceremony at the new finance minister was appointed Teresa Czerwinska, and the Minister of Investment and Development of Jerzy Kwiecinski. So far, the ministries of finance and development led Mateusz Morawiecki. The president also appointed Andrzej Duda Jadwiga Emilewicz on entrepreneurship and technology minister, Jack Czaputowicz the Foreign Minister, and Luke Szumowski minister of health. Law and Justice deputy, who previously served as minister of internal affairs and administration, was appointed Minister of National Defense; new head of the Ministry of Interior was former Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Joachim Brudzinski.

For the Minister of Environment was appointed Henry Kowalczyk, who was previously chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers. Andrzej Adamczyk was appointed minister of infrastructure; previously served as minister of infrastructure and construction Duda Earlier, the president dismissed from their posts .: Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, head of the Ministry of the Environment Jan Szyszka, Minister of Health and Minister Konstanty Radziwill digitization Anna Strezynska. (PAP) by Michael Budkiewicz Hanna Zdanowska won in the first round of presidential elections in Lodz, winning 70.22 percent. votes. Second place went to the candidate of the Right of the United PiS deputy Waldemar Buda with the support of 23.65 percent. votes. In late September, the Lodz Regional Court found guilty Zdanowska credentials in 2008. False documents to obtain credit by her partner and sentenced her to a fine of 20 thousand. zl grzywny.Zgodnie Zdanowska the electoral code could run in elections, but the law prohibits government employees for taking office people legally convicted. In this case, the province governor may propose for expiry of its mandate.

It must agree to give the City Council. If the council does not agree, province governor Regulation substitute extinguishes mandate. This Regulation shall be appealed first to the Regional Administrative Court and later a cassation complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court. The decision of the Supreme Administrative Court is also ostateczne.zobacz: Election results. Lodz Hanna Zdanowska definitely won with the Law and Justice candidate »" At the moment the decision on what action is in the hands of the governor.

Governor of is that, according to the law, which is to evaluate such cases and the province governor will be in accordance with the law, such decisions undertook "- he said Sasin in the morning on Wednesday in a radio Jedynka. "the foundation of the rule of law is the equality of citizens before the law, regardless of the position on what the function of fullness, whether someone is an activist of the high-level Civic Platform, as in the case of Hanna Zdanowska, whether it is an ordinary citizen , the average Kowalski is a law must be the same, "- he stressed." it can not be that today Zdanowska Hanna has to be treated differently, more leniently if they have certain provisions do not apply, even though they apply to other citizens, "- he stressed. "It would be a denial of the idea of ??the rule of law, democratic state," - he added. "Those who have so many screaming about the need to comply with the law, in the case of Hanna Zdanowska no longer see the problem that the person convicted is to serve as president of the city, while all the other local government in this case does not objeliby or were deprived of their mandate, "- said the Minister." I say again. Poland can not be a country in which people of position are treated differently from ordinary citizens. that entitled them then concerns less or some of the provisions do not apply to them. We do not want the Polish build. We want to build Poland equal rights for all citizens ", - he declared. In connection with the alarm launched by local authorities thousands of inhabitants of the province of Ha Tinh fled their homes. According to the agency EFE on Friday are expected to evacuate another three regions of central Vietnam.

In areas at risk of transition element forbidden fishermen to flow out to sea. Moreover, they mobilized 250 thousand. soldiers who, if necessary, to carry pomoc.zobacz also: Vietnam: US Ambassador Calls for the release of the convicted activists »Doksuri, the fourth typhoon in a five-category scale, intensified after passing through the Philippines as a tropical storm. Philippine Archipelago element caused the death of four people, and 18 people believed to be missing. There are also a lot of damage. On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung of Vietnam warned that the coming typhoon may be the worst such disaster that hit the country over the last decade. Agency EFE notes that the tropical storms often occur in the central part of Vietnam in the period from May to October. Immomok submitted a request to the Office ws.

Alma part of the acquisition, Krakowski Kredens Warsaw, 12/20/2017 (ISBnews) - Immomok submitted to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP) a proposal for the acquisition of part of the property and control over Alma Krakow dresser Galician Tradition SA based in Krakow, said the office. Application was received on December 18, the case is pending. "Immomok Sp. O.o. belonging to the Movement Leclerc intends to acquire part of the company Alma Market SA in bankruptcy and take control of the Krakowski Kredens Galician Tradition SA" - the release reads. The purpose of the acquisition of the organized part of the assets of Alma in Krakow, Tarnow and Sopot is the further development of stores under the brand Leclerc. "The purpose of the acquisition of shares Krakowski Kredens tradition Galician SA is entering completely new for the applicant segment of the market sale of food products and within that on the one hand to maintain and develop the existing business Krakowski Kredens tradition Galician SA consisting in retail sales of food products under the brand 'Krakowski Kredens' in locations, which is conducted by the company activity, as well as new locations for the development of the retail network "- reads. (ISBnews) On Thursday - in spite of announcements - Parliament does not vote on the adoption of amendments to the Law on the National Court and the Law on the Organization of Common Courts. The two points dropped from the order of the evening voting (projects are on the second reading). Piotrowicz said on Thursday that applicants wait for the decision of the Constitutional Court ws. KRS Act. "From this will depend on the final shape of the project of the National Court, and perhaps also in part of the law courts," - he added.

On Friday, the Constitutional Tribunal announced that June 20 will announce the verdict of the request of the Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro to declare unconstitutional provisions of the Act of 2011 of the National Court r.zobacz also projects changes in the National Court and the Courts of common directed to the committee »the Parliament: Principles of selection of judges -czlonkow KRS unconstitutional »In April this year. Justice Minister challenged the provisions of this Act, among others, what the rules for the selection of judges KRS-members (as favoring judges of higher courts) and the term of office of Board members-judges (PG by the Council "unreasonably concluded that the judges elected to four-year terms exercised individual"). "The intention of the proposal is to avoid any doubt, the final solutions regarding the amendment of the Act on the National Court, over which the Parliament works" - underlined. "I am convinced that further work will take into account the judgment of the Court, and what it will be difficult for me to say," - he said on Friday Piotrowicz PAP. For this reason, we stopped the work that adopted the law corresponded with the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal, "- he added. He noted that" the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal are final and binding. "" If it turns out that eg. The current terms of office of judges at the National Court remain at odds with the Constitution, it is any justification for the legal solutions adopted in the draft; if it turns out that everything is in order, then you must surely be correct entries "- said Petrovich.

He pointed out that the Tribunal's judgment Marshal of the Sejm may also refer the draft back to the committee and request an additional report - to the work of the committee could be included possible comments flowing from the judgment of the Court. Piotrowicz added that if it was necessary to postpone work on the Act on the National Court, it was decided that the project Usp "can wait." "the meeting of the Sejm is extended; It had yet been dozens of voting on USP - which would probably accompanied by a stormy discussion, and each member of the opposition would like to show you how bravely fighting for it to + was as it was + - it probably would we descended to the wound "- said the PiS. PAP she asked him also about the words Grzegorz Schetyna, the Law and justice suspends "disastrous changes" in the judiciary due to the expected arrival of US President Donald Trump July 6 to Polish. According to the leader of the PO, the US fuss about reform of the judiciary and the independence of the judiciary, is awful, not to unacceptable in a free world. "I do not think the US president was interested in the Law on the National Court" - said Petrovich. the government draft amendment of the Law on the National Court provides, inter alia term extinction of the Council of 15 members who are judges. their successors have chosen the Sejm - the environment today choose their judges . According to the opposition - which wants to reject the project - office of the members of the Council can not hide the ordinary law ±, because this would require changes in the constitution. The Ministry of Justice points out that the Tribunal allows the possibility of shortening the term of office, when there are "special circumstances" - according to the Ministry belongs to them "comprehensive reform of the Council." According to MS, the selection of judges by the members of the Parliament is to objectify the mode of selection of candidates, because so far decided on the "elite referees in practice." "I think it should not create solutions such as the extinction of the members KRS before the constitutional deadline for completion of this term," - said May 5 President Andrzej Duda.

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